Spanish Voice Talent

“Language is to the mind what light is to the eye.”

- William Gibson

There are over 50 million Hispanics living in the United States today. In 2010 this demographic group represented more than 16% of this country’s population and is expected to reach 21% by 2020. This growth has naturally led to a stronger Hispanic presence in U.S. economics, society, and politics. Consequently, the media in the United States has sought out Spanish-speakers for dubbing and voice-over in order to reach this growing segment of radio listeners and television viewers.

This unprecedented population growth has also led to changes in the workplace and education. Private sector companies, government agencies, and schools all need presentations, videos, and other materials recorded in Spanish. The Federal Interpreter Group offers the skill set necessary for any kind of project requiring Spanish voice-over whether it be for radio advertisements and public announcements, or training films for Spanish-speaking employees, students and the public at large.

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