About Us

“There is the art of lines and colors, but the art of words exists, too…”

- Van Gogh

The Federal Interpreter Group is a unique collective venture founded by federally certified Spanish interpreters, two of whom are also certified as Spanish translators by the American Translators Association. These are the highest credentials available to Spanish translators and court interpreters in the United States.

As a group, we have decades of experience, and our respective careers, professional credentials, and backgrounds reflect our core values: we care about accuracy and completeness, confidentiality and professionalism. We believe every message deserves to be conveyed fully, reflecting tone, nuance, and context. And we are committed to the highest level of service and professional standards.

When accuracy, confidentiality, and absolute professionalism are important, the Federal Interpreter Group is the solution to your Spanish interpreting and translation needs.

Your words are important. Let our knowledge and experience do them justice.

The FIG Team